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Some of my collaborators that visited and students that have done an internship with me. Sorted chronologically.

P = postdoctoral scholar, G = graduate student, U = undergraduate student, H = High school student.

Yu-Ching Hu, MSc student
(G) Yu-Ching Hu, MSc student in Materials Science at UCSD. Developing an interface to enable QM/MM simulations with Amber and the DFTB+ library.
(July to September 2016)
Ryan Nemiroff
(H) Ryan Nemiroff, back for the REHS 16 program. Automated testing of numerical accuracy of Slater type basis sets for density functional theory calculations.
(summer 2016)
Jamie Smith
(H) Jamie Smith, REHS 16 program. Implementing a CMake build system for the AMBER software package for biomolecular simulations.
(summer 2016)
Erwin Ni
(H) Erwin Ni, REHS 16 program. Simulations of enzymatic reactions in a thioesterase enzyme with QM/MM approaches.
(summer 2016)
Longhua Yang, visiting graduate student from Nanchang,
(G) Longhua Yang, visiting graduate student from Nanchang University, China. She worked on molecular dynamics simulations of cytochrome c oxidase to identify water transport pathways.
(November 2013 to March 2016)
Rodrigo de Ferreira Morais, postdoc at ENS Lyon
(P) Rodrigo de Ferreira Morais, postdoc at the ENS Lyon in France, collaborating on my NSF award on force field development for bifunctional catalysis at platinum surfaces (February 2016)
Johannes Brust, UCGFP 15 fellow
(G) Johannes Brust from UC Merced's applied math program, worked on large scale optimization algorithms as UC graduate fellow (summer 2015, back in summer 2016)
Ryan Nemiroff and Grace Li
(H) Ryan Nemiroff and Grace Li, presenting at REHS 15, worked on molecular dynamics simulations for biofuels production
Pedro D. Bello-Maldonado
(G) Pedro D. Bello-Maldonado, XSEDE 14 scholar from FIU, now CS graduate program at UIUC, worked on QM/MM software performance
Prathyush, Pietro, Evan
(H) Prathyush Katukojwala, Pietro Sette, Evan Wildenhain presenting at REHS 14, worked on QM/MM software development
Dogancan Yarka
(U) Dogancan Yarka with Gordon
Rahul Nori
(G) Rahul Nori from UND presenting at XSEDE 13
Stephen Clark
(H) Stephen Clark presenting at REHS 13
Keshav Tadimeti
(H) Keshav Tadimeti presenting at REHS 12
Matthew Clark
(H,U) Matthew Clark, went to study at CalTech
Balachandar Kesavan
(H) Balachandar Kesavan at REHS 12
Roger Ouyang
(H) Roger Ouyang presenting at REHS 12

Follow these links for some older pictures.

Nuremberg is the wonderful town in Frankonia (Bavaria) where I was living the first 24 years of my life.

Summerschool in Oxford, 2002
In August 2002 I attended the Summer School "Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry" which took place at Jesus College of the University of Oxford, England. Here you will find pictures of Oxford, the College and of course of some participants. Unfortunately it's not possible to capture the atmosphere on the pictures. It was a really great event and I am grateful to my supervisor Prof. Dr. B.A. Heß for having given me the opportunity to participate.

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